Does the $500 million Microsoft/Danger deal hint at a new phone platform coming out of Redmond?

These Microsoft logo mashups are getting out of hand.

Om Malik puts the Om in GigaOM so when he says, “The deal’s big sticker price is intriguing — leading me to believe that Microsoft wants to pull an Xbox on its mobile phone business,” I hit the lever on my office chair that makes it so it stays in the upright position, allowing me to give those words my full attention.

So as Windows Mobile is aimed in the general direction of business users, Microsoft might just be looking to create a device for the gamers and hipsters that want a fun phone. Om says,

Having realized that its traditional approach is going to relegate it to business market, Microsoft is taking a non-Microsoft tact, just like it did in the gaming console business. The reason for this deal is more than just acquiring “consumer expertise,” as the company kept repeating yesterday. Danger’s software-as-a-service technology can offer “Microsoft Services” such as Search, Windows Live Mail and Messenger on the Danger platform, using it to compete with Google Android.

This is a bold move and what better way to compete with Android than nabbing the company that Android developer Andy Rubin helped build?

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