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Venture-backed pan-European reviews site Qype is having a face-lift tomorrow, along with a few other nips and tucks. New features include the ability to add videos via Youtube – something already available on competitor sites like TrustedPlaces – better local search, maps and community features, UpMyStreet-like local chat features for all the 6,000 towns on Qype.co.uk and a mobile version at m.qype.co.uk. You can also drag and zoom in on a map and watch how the list of places updates as you go. Qype launched in September 2007 and claims 2.2 million users per month across 6,000 cities in Europe.Qype is backed by UK investor Advent Venture Partners and the Paris-based Partech International. Its founder is Stephan Uhrenbacher. Competitors in the UK include Welovelocal and Tipped. (I’m not including TouchLocal in this line-up any more as I don’t think it’s improved despite its relaunch as a ‘social’ site). Here’s what Qype will look like tomorrow. Can you spot the differences?:


  • H. Lee

    What I don’t understand is all this fuss about these “local” information sites —— I wake up and go to Google 100 times per day as well as the rest of the free world. Are these sites any better than what Google provides (there using Google maps in the screenshot above)? I agree about the TouchLocal site — I just tried it and don’t even understand how to use it — In general I can’t find anything on these sites that would have me type the URL to go here everyday vs. Google/Yahoo. I think the best way to get information is go to Google/Yahoo sites — it is the path of least resistance and the maps are amazing — my customers use google/yahoo too — not these sites. As a local business owner, what small businesses really need is someone who can help them advertise better on thegoogle/yahoo. I try myself but too much time commitment and too confusing……I like the Qype site though — very easy to understand — still will wake up and go to Google in the monring though. H.L.

  • http://www.localdatacompany.com Scott

    “…as a local business owner, what small businesses really need is someone who can help them advertise better on thegoogle…”

    That’s where my company can help ;)

  • http://www.huddle.net/ Andy McLoughlin

    Sure, you can use Google but more often than not it will lead to one of these sites – i’m sure they don’t really care how you get to their pages.

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