NAVISURFER II in-dash computer with moving screen


The other day, I got stuck behind a little Honda Civic hatchback that was swerving back and forth, crossing over into the lane on its left and then the lane on its right a few times before finally slamming on its brakes in deference to the red light and, in turn, the various non-moving cars in front of it.

My initial assumption was that the driver was at least moderately, if not severely, intoxicated. Then I noticed the soft glow of an LCD screen on his dashboard. He wasn’t drunk, he was just an idiot trying to type something into his GPS system during rush hour (which might be just as bad as driving drunk).

Anyway if you’d like to be that guy, here’s an in-car computer with a screen that swivels horizontally and vertically. It’s called the NAVISURFER II and comes in 40-, 80-, and 120-gigabyte versions for $319, $341, or $358, $578, $632, or $656, respectively. Why not throw in a pair of virtual reality goggles, jump behind the wheel, and call it a day?