Google Docs Gets Forms, More Access Like Little By Little

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googledocs1.jpgGoogle has announced support for forms that link into Google Doc’s spreadsheets, providing elementary Access/ DB style form support for its online office suite.

The new service allows users to add data to a spreadsheet without having to enter it directly into the spreadsheet itself, or having to log in to add the data. A form can be set up to include the specific fields, then a link is offered to the form itself. One obvious use for the feature would be to conduct a survey. The forms are not embeddable as yet, however data can be extracted via RSS feed.

Although still far from becoming a competitor to Microsoft Access, this basic functionality will appeal to those who use Access as a glorified spreadsheet with forms for data entry, which at least in my previous workplace experience, its a decent portion of Access users. Here’s hoping that SQL querying might come next.

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