Sony wants you to upgrade your own damn PS3 HDD

In the last couple of weeks there have been rumors that Sony will announce a 120GB version of the PS3 and they’ve denied those rumors every time. I believe the HDD upgrade is imminent and in the pipe, but a recent interview with SCE Australia and NZ’s managing director Michael Ephraim has me scratching my head. He actually wants us to upgrade the HDD on the PS3 ourselves and to not wait around for Sony to do it for us.

“The hard drive issue, we’ve done it so you can upgrade the hard drive. It’s non-proprietary, and you do have external hard drives. So whether we deliver that or whether retailers start offering them…

But then he sort of backtracks and says:

“With PlayTV,” he admits, “yes you will need more storage, and retailers will probably accommodate those needs for consumers. As we all know, the price of hard drive space is coming down. If we do it, fine, but if we don’t do it, the consumer will still have choice.”

I just wish Microsoft made it easier for Xbox 360 owners to upgrade the HDDs themselves. Cheers to you, Sony. But what about the slimmed down PS3 we heard about?

Play hard [via Next Gen Biz]