Hey developers, win an invite to the MySpace apps party (with beer)

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MySpace UK is having a launch party in London this Thursday (7th February) to get developers to talk about the launch of their new applications platform over a few beers at a swanky London location. And TechCrunch UK has been given 15 exclusive invitations to promote to the community. Speaking at the event will be MySpace CTO, Aber Whitcomb and Senior President of Technology, Jim Benedetto. You’ll also have the chance to test the site out at the party, assuming you forgot to bring your laptop (which I doubt).

To win an invitation, all you have to do is post a comment below about what you think about MySpace entering the platform arena and also email MySpace UK with a 25-50 word description of the application you’d build (MySpace tells me all entries will be treated in confidence). The deadline for entries is Wednesday, February 6th at 1pm and winners will be contacted privately. Good luck!

  • http://akamike.net/ Mike Robinson

    “The deadline for entries is Wednesday, February 4th at 1pm”

    Yesterday was the 4th, a Monday. If it wasn’t then boy were people wrong about my birthday!

    Count how many suggestions are for pirate/zombie apps ;)

  • Mike Butcher

    Mike – Whoops! Editing that now :-)

  • http://www.zmarties.com zmarties

    Welcome back to the platform party – this time with some real structure.

    The OpenSocial basis is an attractive draw to developers, with its promise of write once, run in multiple locations. Simple RESTful API’s make for a low barrier to entry – usable from both client and server based applications.

  • http://www.freetheiphone.com Romain

    Glad to see MySpace provides an ActionScript API, allows flash/flex app builder to tie in the social world. Great initiative.

  • http://www.inuda.com Jonathan Markwell

    I was surprised that MySpace, as the largest most cash-rich social network didn’t have the foresight to get into this game earlier. As a developer I’m glad to see them going down the Open Social route. Our clients want to create more of a presence on MySpace and we don’t want to have to support dozens of different standards. However, if MySpace doesn’t start using some of its resources to do some serious innovation of its own or make some inspired acquisitions, I think it will quickly find itself in the place Friends Reunited now is.

  • http://www.thoughtsintime.com Sean Glass

    it’s great to see MySpace getting into the platform game. Although the social graph data they have has differences from facebook, and is often less structured (facebook tries to collect “how” you know people), it will provide a powerful way for application developers to create new apps which will help groups of socially connected people accomplish things through MySpace – whether this is entertainment, a social movement, fundraising or more, providing myspace as a platform for action makes sense. Since they have a large audience, it doesn’t matter that they may be “behind” facebook, app developers and startups will still take heed of their offering.

  • Adil Mohammed

    With OpenSocial being a much more flexible and open platform than FBML, I think it gives MySpace an edge over Facebook especially since developers will be able to develop apps across many sites just by having knowledge of one type of APIs, would be interesting to see how they use it to their advantage. Also, how they handle user security.

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