Church 2.0? Er, not quite

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The UK’s Church of England has launched a so-called social-networking campaign to encourage people to discuss how they can make the world a better place during Lent. The campaign site, has more info but someone needs to tell these people that there is more to it than throwing up a few groups on Facebook, MySpace and Flickr (their group is empty). Perhaps they should talk to this guy about Church 2.0?

  • noah never

    That Flickr group is crying out for a goatse

  • Andrew

    Oh come on, points for at least trying? Personally I think churches are a fantastic market for web 2.0 tools (see – they just need a lot of guidance as opposed to creating a profile on all the latest sites they’ve heard of.

  • Mike Butcher

    Andrew – OK, OK, points for trying. They’d be better off with Druapl install or a Ning site IMHO though

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