Obama Sets Record With January Donations; Online Donations 88% Of Total

Last Thursday the Barack Obama (who we have endorsed as the Democratic candidate for president) campaign announced a record-setting month in terms of donations – $32 million in January alone. That’s the most ever raised by a candidate who’s still in a Primary race. And, his campaign told me today, $28 million of that was raised online.

That means Obama raised more money in January online than Howard Dean raised in his entire 2003/2004 campaign (he raised a total of $27 million). Barack’s $28 million in online contributions came from more than 250,000 contributors. 90% were under $100. 40% were $25 or less, and 10,000 people gave $5 or $10 to the campaign.

Clinton has not released her January fundraising total. One rumor says it was in the $20 million range.

With just one day to go until Super Tuesday, Barack trails Clinton by 1% in the California polls, a key state for both parties. McCain, our Republican endorsement, is leading California polls with a healthy margin. Tuesday may be their day.

Obama’s campaign also tells us that 250,000 profiles have been created at BarackObama.com, which we covered last year.

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