iPhone-Codes says don't unlock your iPhone, we say pshaw


This just in from a BFF poster:

Unlocking the iPhone is getting popular in the undergrounds and AT&T is lossing millions dollars because of this activity. What with Jailbreak and Metasploit, people can now easily unlock their iPhones or tinker with their units.

But there are a lot of reasons why you should not unlock your iPhone. http://www.iphone-codes.com says aside from the risk of getting virus or other malicious codes from third party applications, you disqualify your phone from the official support page of Apple.

A lot of those how have unlocked their iPhones have complained of several malfunctions, including unresponsive buttons, sudden screen pause, changing colors of the screen, etc. And when you post questions about these problems at Apple’s Support Forum, you will not get any answer.

So if you are now thinking of unlocking your iPhone using Jailbreak of Metasploit, think again. My advice would be to leave the iPhone as it is and wait for the official unlocking of the iPhone by Apple.

CG’s BFF: Accepting unsubstantiated advice as gospel truth for less than a year.

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