Google's Android Is Already Delayed

android-logo.pngGoogle’s Android mobile operating system is already hitting snags. It is hardly out of the gate yet, and (correction) an update to the software development kit that programmers need to create applications for Android is being pushed back a few weeks. Because of this delay, the deadline for the $10 million Android Developer’s Challenge is also being pushed back a month from March 3 to April 14. In the meantime, here are some technical details on Android from one developer who got a sneak peak.

Letting its first deadline slip after so much initial fanfare is not the best way to create momentum around Android, especially as Apple is preparing to release its own software development kit for the iPhone. If you are a developer with limited time and resources, which one would you choose to create an app for? The iPhone, which is already in millions of people’s hands, or Android, which is still vaporware?

I am beginning to have a hard time telling the difference between Google and Microsoft.

Correction: The SDK is actually out, what is delayed is a crucial update to the SDK. So maybe referring to it as vaporware was a bit harsh.

(via mocoNews. Here is CrunchGear’s take.)