Digg Responds To User Disquiet With "Town Hall" Meetings

Following ongoing criticism from users that Digg doesn’t consult nor listen to its user base, Digg’s Jay Adelson has announced that Digg is to commence holding Town Hall meetings.

The meetings will consist of Adelson and Rose giving an update on “what’s happening at Digg, discuss topics you propose, and answer your questions.” Digg Town Hall meetings will be webcast live and made available for download from Digg after the show, with the first show kicking off January 25.

The Digg team is also planning on holding some more face to face meetings as the year progresses, details including dates and cities to be advised.

It’s good to see Digg’s management team appreciating its user base in this way. Far too often successful startups forget that they didn’t get to their positions alone, but with the help of their user base. No doubt that Digg’s rabid fan base will tune in and actively participate in these meetings.