Woman gets $2000 bill from Comcast for equipment destroyed by a tornado


Bad: A tornado comes and destroys your home. Worse: Comcast wants to charge you $2000 for the five, nine-year old cable boxes that got destroyed.

That’s what happened to a Wheatland, Wisconsin resident, and Comcast is standing its ground.

The cable operator says that the victim will have to get reimbursement from her insurance company to pay the bill. The insurers, however, are only willing to pay the depreciated value of the five boxes and cable modem, even though Comcast is asking for the original price.

I’ve had a similar situation with Comcast: an ancient cable box of mine was destroyed at a party, and they wanted me to pay $500 for it before I could get a new one. The thing wasn’t worth that much new. So, I went to the Goodwills and was able to replace it for about $10. Me, 1; Comcast, 0.

But really, should Comcast expect full value on equipment nearly a decade old? We think not.

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