In Time For Super Tuesday, It's Super Obama Girl

You can argue all you want about who won the Democratic debate tonight, but all that matters is who wins on Super Tuesday. If viral video is any indicator (and I don’t think it is), Barack Obama is already ahead. From the folks at Barely Political, now part of Next New Networks, here is latest Obama Girl video: Super Obama Girl. It just came out:

Personally, in my book, you can never top the original Obama Girl video. Let’s review (for comparison purposes only):

There’s also the whole YouBama phenomenon,which we broke, and now the Washington Post, Yahoo News, and CNN has picked up. I got an e-mail earlier tonight from YouBama co-founder Christopher Pedregal informing me that “Our servers are melting.” They seem to be back up now. I wonder how long before someone puts the Obama Girl videos on YouBama. Check out Craigslist founder Craig Newmark’s Obama video testimonial. He ain’t no Obama Girl, but he is sincere. Where are all the viral videos for Hillary or McCain?