Facebook Finances Leaked

facebooklogo12.gifKara Swisher’s elves must have Mark Zuckerberg’s number. Because she is reporting details from an all-hands meeting the Facebook founder held on Thursday for employees that had an open dial-in number, in which he revealed the following financial metrics for the still-private company:

2007 Revenues: $150 million

2008 Revenues: $300 to $350 million (projected)

2007 Headcount: 450

2008 Headcount: 1,000 (projected)

2008 Capital Expenditures: $200 million (i.e., servers)

2008 EBITDA: $50 million

2008 Cash Flow (EBITDA – CapEx): negative 150 million.

If he wants to go public in 2009, he is going to have to start making some money before then.