Culinary Seductions: Cooking For Men Who Want To Impress Women

culinary.jpgCooking and recipe sites are a dime a dozen online, but usually they offer generic recipes tailored for people who cook regularly….and despite women’s liberation and equality of the sexes that’s still statistically women.

Culinary Seductions
is billed as “the guys guide to cooking for girls” and does just that, offering recipes for men wishing to look smart by cooking for women.

The recipes are split into Dishes/ Course (including “food for the morning after”), difficulty and moods. Moods include decadent, snugly, saucy, sassy, nutty and luscious, but seems to miss out some obvious mood choices for a partner like cranky, irrational and argumentative.

The recipes on offer seem to be reasonable enough; there’s nothing ground breaking in the food but the way its split up is helpful and the instructions are fairly straight forward.

Might be worth a look if you’re a bloke looking for something to cook for your better half.