These guys should make the Dragon Ball Z movie

My faith in Hollywood’s ability to produce good movies based on comic books and/or video games is slowly waning with each craptastic production that hits theaters. However, I have high hopes that “The Dark Knight” (this will definitely be good) and “Iron Man” (trailers look real good) will be kickass. I saw the trailer for “Hellboy 2” while catching “Cloverfield” last week and that looked good, too.

I’m on the fence about the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie, but I will agree with the boys over at Kotaku that these guys should get the money to produce the movie. It’s a pretty badass video of a battle between a blonde (Super Saiyan, I could be wrong about the Super part) Goku and Freeza. Think about how badly Hollywood is going to feck this up. “Ghost Rider” is a perfect example.

SWF Blog [via Kotaku]