The most expensive cellphone in the world doesn't even do QWERTY

[photopress:crapface.jpg,full,center]Recently, a friend of mine from Nepal admonished me that if I took 1/10th of the money I spend going out on the weekends for three months, I could buy books, food, and salary for an impoverished school near his home. It made me think about globalism, humanism, and my place in it. But more than that it made me realize anyone who’d pay $1.2 million for a diamond-encrusted cellphone deserves more of a guilt-trip than I.

This phone by Emmanuel Gueit has 120 carats of diamonds. Why does this phone have 120 carats of diamonds? Because 121 would be ostentatious.

Guiness Certifies the Worlds Most Luxurious Phone – $1.2 million “LeMillion” [Textually]