SezWho Partners with BlogCatalog for Distribution of Comment Reputation System

SezWho has teamed up with BlogCatalog, a social network of sorts for bloggers, to distribute its comment reputation system to BlogCatalog members.

BlogCatalog will provide a special version of the SezWho plugin that harnesses the data already stored in BlogCatalog user profiles to generate profiles for SezWho. While the plugin will be offered to all BlogCatalog users, SezWho participation will be necessarily opt-in (BlogCatalog does not host members’ blogs itself and therefore can’t impose SezWho on them).

The plugin will work with WordPress and MovableType 3 & 4, with support for hosted blogging solutions coming later in the form of a JavaScript and OpenID-based solution.

It’s important for reputation services like SezWho to establish these partnerships, and to support the widest range of platforms, because reputations are not terribly useful if they are restricted to a small segment of the web.

We currently use SezWho on CrunchGear to track reputations there. You can see our previous coverage of SezWho here.