Rummble adds Bebo app

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Mobile internet start-up Rummble, a location-based content discovery startup still in closed beta, has launched an application for Bebo users. Beboers will get an application which shows a map on their profile and shows their friends which countries they have visited and what places they recommend in those countries. Rummble has a Facebook application already. Rummble’s mobile “pitch” is based around learning users preferences and who is trusted in your friends network. Rummble has a team of five based in Cambridge, UK, headed by Andrew J Scott and, though privately backed, is looking for venture capital funding as well as media partners. They are certainly playing their cards close to their chest because, pushing what seems like a year, this is one of the longest closed betas I can remember. Or is that unkind? Here’s more on Rummble.

  • jamescoops

    how are they funding the team at the mo?

  • Mike Butcher

    Private backing, sorry, will amend post.

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