Next-Gen disk sales outpacing original DVDs from the '90s

[photopress:11353_news_image.jpg,full,left]This might not be news to everyone, but I found it rather interesting. Way back in the late 1990s, DVDs came out. They were slow to catch on, as the players were expensive, and the titles limited.

Eventually the merits of DVD swayed people, and the cost of set-top players came down enough to make them a commodity.

Next-gen disks, like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, appear to be suffering a similar fate. But according to Video Business, the adoption rate of these high-def formats is actually higher than the one original DVDs enjoyed.

And now that the format war is all but over (sorry, HD-DVD!), isn’t it about time you go out and get a nice HD player for your HD home theater set-up?

High-def DVD grows at faster pace than standard [VidBiz]