Crunchdeals: Wal-Mart wants to outfit you with cheap TVs for Funday

Agreed to host that Super Bowl party, but forgot that you’ve got a 12-inch TV with dials for UHF and VHF? Well, go kick it at Wal-Mart. And while you’re trying to forget that you’re at Wal-Mart, buy some of their inexpensive goods.

They’ve got a 32-inch LCD TV for just under $600, a Polaroid one with a built-in DVD player for $700, or if you’ve already got a tube, pick up an RCA home theater system for $98. It’s probably only like 10 watts, but the price is right. And don’t forget to feel ashamed for feeding the beast that is destroying small businesses across the nation. I’m just saying. They also have chips and stuff so stock up.

Wal-Mart Rolls Back Prices on What You Need for the Big Game
[I4U News]