First post-Warner HD DVD sales numbers hit hard


Toshiba and Co. may huff and puff about not being dead now, but the first sales numbers in the post-Warner world don’t look good for HD DVD. The week of Jan. 12 saw Blu-ray capture 90 percent of the market. Hence the massive price cuts by Toshiba on HD DVD hardware on Jan. 13.

And to make sure we’ve crossed all the Ts here, the relevant NPD guy said not to make too much out of one week’s sales numbers—that’s a data point, not a trend, he says.

OK, that may not be a trend, but when I have relatives calling me, bothering me, asking me about “that Blu-ray thing,” maybe then we’re getting closer to the average Joe paying attention to high-def discs.

Sales of HD DVD Players Plunge After Warner Move [New York Times]