Cartridge prices on the rise as ink breaks the $1000 a barrel mark for the first time

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I’ve never much cared for the modern computer printer’s business model. In short, the idea is to push cheap, craptacular printers on the masses, then use them as a loss leader to make money on the ink. This works because printer ink, much like oil, is a commodity that has a per-barrel price. This price fluctuates, and that makes traders money.

Sadly, the price is rising, and it has just topped $1000 a barrel for the first time, ink has been trading since 1964. This means we’ll see prices of computer ink increase across the board. Seeing has how expensive the crap is now, this is in no way a good thing, unless you’re a commodities broker or trader, in which case you’re going to hell.

Printer ink tops $1000 a barrel [New Biscuit]

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