Launches Ad Network For Dudes

break_logo.pngAt times lewd, geeky, disgusting, and most of the time funny, has managed to pull in an audience of 18 million unique visitors that stay an average of 7.5 minutes each session, says the company. (Comscore says 3.9 million uniques in the U.S.). They’ve also recently launched three new properties hoping to do the same: Cage Potato (covers ultimate fighting news), Chickipedia (chick wiki), Holy Taco (comedy site). Since launching last week Chickipedia is doing 150K uniques. Holy Taco is expected to hit 1 million uniques this month.

So naturally they’ve been selling their fair share of advertising inventory targeting the 18-34 demographic. and it sales team of 15 have now decided to sell inventory for other similar sites as well as part of their own “Break Men’s Ad Network”. To start, the Network will be selling advertising across their own sites and those of 12 sites focusing on gaming, finance, comedy and sports, each with at least 150,000 visitors per month. Combined the sites are expected to bring in 35 million uniques and 800 million impressions globally, and 25 million uniques and 620 million impressions domestically. Break will be continuing to add more sites targeted at men to the network.

The move bundles a great deal of inventory that smaller publishers couldn’t sell as effectively on their own. Ads will come in a variety of formats and served through Panache, Adify, and DoubleClick. While rates always differ from publisher to publisher, CEO Keith Richman expects rates to fall between $10-$30 eCPMs.