Asus Eee lookalike: Priced $50 more, big hand added


Here’s an idea. Take a 2GB Asus Eee PC, change almost nothing, and add $50 to the price tag. That’s what Cybertron’s done with its “new” line of Mini-PC computers. For $349, you’ll get a 900Mhz Celeron M processor, 512MB or RAM, 7-inch 800×400 screen, 2GB flash drive, and everything else the Eee PC has. The operating system even looks the same, if not very, very similar.

Aside from the specs, look at the size of that hand! That’s a mighty big hand, my friends. Such big hands would have a hard time typing on such a tiny keyboard. It looks like that thumb could mash down three or four keys at a time. That guy’s wasting his time hand-modeling. He should be a basketball player. Maybe he is a basketball player and he hand models in the off season. That’d probably be a pretty good second income. I bet he can afford to pay an extra $50 for a computer without worrying about it too much.

MINI NOTEBOOK 7IN 900MHZ 2GB SSHDD BLK [Cybertron] via Gadgetell