The biggest problem with the Kindle

I was on a flight yesterday with Kindle in hand, hoping to read a little of Dan Brown’s Dress Up an Urban Legend in Faux Scholarship and Sell it to Deracinated People and found the biggest problem with the Kindle: you can’t read it on take-off and landing, at least according to the nice elderly steward on Jetblue. Since your book looks like a computer, you’d best but that stuff away as you make your way into the starry aether because you could interfere with the cockpit’s gyroscopic stabilizer or passenger pigeon homing device. So no matter how much Randall Stross says that the book is going through a “profound modification as it is stripped of its physical shell,” you sure as heck better not whip it out when the seatbelt sign is on, something that amounts to a fatal flaw for the avid reader.