Sifry Launches "Web Hot Or Not?"

fail.jpgFormer Technorati CEO David Sifry has launched Web Hot or Not?, a Hot or Not site for websites. Sifry left Technorati in August 2007.

For the one person reading this who doesn’t know how Hot or Not style sites work, the site presents a website which must be scored between 1 or 10, 1 being not, 10 being hot.

MG Seigler writes that “Quite frankly I’m shocked it has taken this long for someone to come out with this.” I like MG, so perhaps its the intense jetlag talking when I write what the? Sure, on the surface it’s an obvious idea, but the reason why its taken this long for a site like this to appear is because the idea isn’t a very good one.

David Sifry hints that it might be a lark, and if that is the case then we’ll let it slide and recommend people take a look, it should provide seconds, maybe even a minute or two of interest. If, as Sifry suggests “Who knows where it’ll go” (meaning it might take off), I’m off to buy alcohol. Cheers.

Update: you can vote for Web Hot or Not on Web Hot or Not here.

Update 2: another site in this space that does it in a better way is CommandShift3. It’s a not a direct Hot or Not clone but it allows you to rate sites. Hot or Not Designs is another one.