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Next Story published the ages of 27m people, a new platform for social entrepreneurs and their supporters, launches next month. The site says it will be a place where social entrepreneurs can connect with other socially minded people. In addition UnLtdWorld says it is built on an ‘open system’, allowing agencies to build other applications. Hard to say if that means what it says, but we’ll see. The site is being launched by the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, a charity.

• Mobile operator 3 became the the first mobile network operator in the UK to launch version 2 of the Google Maps application – the clever one which finds your location based on cell tower positioning.
Facecontact, a site which presented to the Seedcamp startup competition last year, plans to launch properly next month. Currently it’s in beta. Facecontact has a tool to track and reward referrals for job candidates, clients, investors and just about any other defined “prospect”. There is some comparison with LinkedIn and it’s corporate tools, but this is closer to an enterprise tool. They are also launching a Facebook application.
• Some changes over at ScribbleSheet. They are re-focusing the site on non-mainstream news and stories, such as interviewing undercover police blogger. Talk about the Long Tail.

  • Alberto Nardelli

    Hi Mark – I’m the chief strategist at UnLtdWorld. Thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated.

    I’ll send you some further information on functionality and plans, and of course invite to join the site, as would love to know your thoughts/feedback. We’ll soon be opening up to public registration.

    In terms of the “open system” – in the future, we plan to release two-way APIs and tools for select partners to access and build on top of the site’s network, including applications. This will also allow to access the “network” for builds on external sites, and not only UnLtdWorld.

    Thanks again,


  • Dan Field

    Unltdworld looks interesting… I have been thinking about such a community myself lately. A central social site for entrepreneurs, rather than the current situation where everyone is spread across a variety of sites.

    The features look good, but as always a social site is only as good as its members!

    Look forward to hearing more about this one.

  • Jay Adair

    Google Maps 2.x is great, I’ve had it on my N95 from TMobile for a few days now. It’s fairly accurate when it can’t get a GPS fix. So much better than the crappy Nokia app.

  • Dan Field

    Ha.. thats what you get when you skim read things late on a Friday… UnLtdWorld isn’t what I thought it was (A social network for entrepreneurs), rather a network for “social entrepreneurs”!

    Still looks a good platform though.

  • Geoff Wright

    “Hi Mark – I’m the chief strategist at UnLtdWorld. Thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated.”

    LOL @ MARK

  • Ahmed

    Did 3 get this out before the 1.1.3 iPhone update (i.e. o2)? Or does google maps on the iphone not count?

  • JohnofScribbleSheet


    In response to your “Talk about the Long Tail.” comment. Is non-mainstream news and stories long tail? Perhaps. Is that a bad thing? Definitely not. The fact of the matter is many people are not being adequately served by mainstream media. Hence the rise of blogs etc. ScribbleSheet is helping provide a platform for opinions that may get buried but which nevertheless have some value.

    It seems by that comment you are suggesting the long tail has no value? Is this the case? Please elaborate on your comment.


  • Mike Butcher

    JohnofScribbleSheet – Did I say the long tail has no value? No. I guess my implication is that as you have declared you are moving away from the mainstream, you are – by definition – going to concentrate on ‘long tail’ style news. QED.

  • JohnofScribbleSheet

    @ Mike

    Cool. It seemed from my perspective as if you were implying it has none. Which I thought would be quite strange. Thanks for the elaboration.

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