Zattoo opens beta for UK users

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Online TV startup Zattoo has opened up its beta software to UK users for download since running for a closed user group since July last year. So far it has about 1.7 million registered users (in total), two thirds of whom use it regularly to watch TV on their PC. The interesting think about Zattoo is that it broadcasts full-blown TV channels from partners including the BBC, Bloomberg, France 24, and Channel 4 in the UK. Zattoo is free of charge to users and generates revenues through advertising and subscription fees. In its home territory of Switzerland it’s had a good reception from users, however, it is limited to how it rolls out across territories as it has to negotiate rights with each partner. However, more channels are expected in the next release early this year.

  • vincent

    check out an interview of Zatoo’s co-founder Sugih Jamin on

  • David Petherick

    “…regularly to what TV on their PC. The interesting think ing is…”

    Iz you forgettin de spelling toodai, however, Mike? ;-)

  • ray

    Wow. Well done on the grammar and spelling here. And people wonder why main stream media still has this pull on people. Get a spell checker!

  • Mike Butcher

    Apologies for the typos people, now corrected. I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday, as you can tell!

  • willmax

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  • vs Zattoo

    Note that and Zattoo are different in at least the following point:
    – only aggregates EXISTING streams from websites of TV stations and
    presents them in a single (eliminates task of surfing from site to site)
    – these aggregated streams typically don’t show live TV content but
    recorded clips in most cases (e.g., a news show from previous day)
    – fully depends on the TV stations’ website streams for quality and
    content, as does not transmit anything themselves

    – re-transmits the current LIVE TV signals of all channels on the system
    – streams ALWAYS contain the actual LIVE content from the TV station
    – does not depend at all on the TV stations’ web streams at all, as
    all streams are re-transmitted by Zattoo and not by the TV station

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