Exclusive: Details on Modu Mobile, what is it?

Looks like our own John Biggs will be eating his hat very soon. Thanks to a stealthy tipster we have some info on Modu just for you. Chances are we’ll see an official announcement and a hands on with the device at 3GSM.

Modu is a device with the absolute bare minimum in terms of cellular telephony. It can make a call, send SMS and hold a contact list. Its small size is due mainly to the fact that it holds just these most basic telephony capabilities. Think of it as an expanded SIM card.

WiFi is not included, storage may not be either.

This is where 3rd parties come in. The idea is that the user will carry this core device and stick it into a variety of “skins”. These can be anything… For example, a camera that with the Modu core can send pics directly to your mom.

The “skins” will cost less because they could be produced without telephony functionality. This could take the iPod accessory ecosystem and the concept of the iPod tax to a whole new level and platform.