Do Not Want: Pay-Per-Play Media Audio Ads

pppmedia.jpgPay-Per-Play Media is offering a new style of advertising that most people won’t like: audio (only) ads that play immediately when you visit a site.

Publishers insert the code on the website they want the audio ad to play on, and every time someone visits the page a 5 second audio ad is played, seemingly without any ability to turn the ad off. Pay-Per-Play claims that the ads are contextually delivered. Visitors only hear one audio ad for every three minutes on each site, meaning that if you’re on a website long enough, you’ll get to hear regular audio ads.

Pay-Per-Play claims there is now “huge demand by major branding advertisers all over the world” for the service, and that they have a network of over 6 million websites playing these ads. The sample audio played on the site was an ad for Tacobell.

Jeremy Schoemaker notes that the site comes with a pyramid scheme and promoters of services such as Agloco have been spamming forums and any other place they can to promote it. Oh, and according to Jeremy, the ads pay less than 1c per pay.

Do not want.