Buildersite wins Angel funding round

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Buildersite, a web-marketplace for construction services for both homeowners and tradesmen has secured an Angel round of funding (amount not disclosed) led by Alex Hoye, former co-founder of GoIndustry which went public in 2006. He will chair the startup’s board. Also investing is The Accelerator Group, whose principals Robin and Saul Klein have invested in successful UK startups including Lovefilm, Agent Provocateur, Moo, and OpenAds. Joining them is Paul Birch, who co-founded social networking site Bebo, and Jamie Murray Wells who founded Glasses Direct.
Buildersite’s CEO Ryan Notz – who actually started out as a stonemason and builder himself – says the funding will go into expanding the web development and marketing teams. The news is encouraging for the UK startup scene, in that UK entrepreneurs are clearly using their own success to plough investment back into the market.

The domestic construction market in the UK is worth £10bn. Competitor sites tend to be about lead generation but Buildersite instead charges a success fee which is 5% of the project fee. This means the whole service can be free to the homeowner, and it can track bad builders and bar them from the system. Buildersite launched in mid-2006 and last year it had over 3,000 tradesmen on the site, so probably a lot more than that now.

Buildersite was one of five other startups which were selected for the Seedcamp event last year, winning some initial seed funding and mentoring.

  • Paul J

    Any idea of ballpark investment numbers?

    Great news and a strong team, I wish them every success.

  • Mike Butcher

    Paul – the investment amount was undisclosed alas.

  • Jas

    Thought of this idea 3 years ago just did’nt have the funding,i even bought the domains which are much better than the one they have ;-)

    The best thing is i could pick up a similar script now for a couple of hundred dollars and set one up, the only reason why i can see you need cash for this business is for purely marketing,letting people know you’re out there otherwise you end up in a chicken and egg situation like any other great idea.

    The same old story for many brilliant entrepreneurs !

  • Jas

    Oh considering this site has been going for a few months and the amount o funding it has i find the traffic going to the site disappointing and also it lacks content i.e jobs.

    I believe with a bit of strategic marketing you could set up a rival with a few k better.

  • Mike Butcher

    Jas – Well, be our guest – go do it and then email me.

  • Jas

    Hey Mike, i have two projects already on the go which we will be presenting to you shortly,so yeah it’s good challenge but maybe when these are off the ground i will take it up ;-)

  • Manoj Ranaweera

    I think I met Ryan at OC London sometime back. Do let me know if you need an introduction to Causeway Technologies CEO, as your product would complement their Building Register and other related products. Causeway is going through an aggressive growth strategy through acquisition.

  • Fabio

    Congratulation to Ryan and best luck with the site going forward. Certainly the backing team is top-notch and it’s a good start.

  • Nick Wright


    check out, click on any of the photos home page

    love an introduction, :)

  • Nick Wright


    Techcrunch links not working :(

    Please copy and paste


  • James Raff

    Best of luck to Buildersite and their investment team. Have a look at We are also looking for an investment partner(s) as some very big leads have gone through this site (£1m plus) and even the new London Olympic Stadium builders have used it.

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