Will We See Delicious 2.0 This Week?

It’s been four and a half months since Yahoo first previewed Delicious 2.0. We’ve heard not a peep from them since as to when it might launch publicly and replace the existing, somewhat dated interface.

Well, ok, there was a peep last week. In a blog post titled “using delicious on your iphone” on the Delicious blog, they say “We know we haven’t updated the blog in a looong time but the team has been heads down working on the next version of Delicious. We’ll have an update to share with you guys next week.”

The update may be Delicious 2.0 itself, or simply for information on when we can expect it. The team has obviously been working on a number of other projects as well, like integrating Delicious results directly into Yahoo Search.

My understanding is that the team has finalized most of the functionality and features and is working now to ensure it can handle the load of the full userbase and stay responsive.