Alleged MS source airs info about Xbox 360 problems

ring The other day, I turned on my Xbox 360 to the red ring of death — or so I thought. It turned out to just be the one-quarter-but-not-full red ring of not-death. I was scared but after rebooting, everything was fine. Crisis averted.

For a brief moment, though, I thought that I had joined the legions of Xbox 360 owners that have turned on their systems to the real-deal blinking red ring. Now has an interview with an unnamed source inside Microsoft with some more details about the sometimes-problematic console.

The source confirms the 30% console failure rate and says that many of the problems have to do with the console being rushed to market to beat Sony’s PS3, understaffing, motherboard timing problems, bad parts, poor heat dissipation, defective or insufficient heat sinks, humidity, and more. Pretty much what people have been saying all along, now apparently corroborated by someone on the inside.

Inside Source Reveal the Truth About Xbox 360 “Red Ring of Death” Failures []