2007 Crunchies Party Report: Brotherly Love And A Guy Who Wears Sunglasses At Night


Our last Crunchies report for the night until we get the various recorded segments from the official Crunchies archivists Revision 3 (you can see the archived live stream when its available from Mogulus here).

Brevity was the soul of wit tonight with the awards ceremony staying at around 2 hours, exactly as planned, and a decent effort considering there was 20 awards given out tonight. Read the full list of Crunchies winners here.

After the event Award attendees, those that couldn’t get tickets to the main event, and a couple of gatecrashers moved upstairs at the Herbst Theatre to drink beer from metal bottles and mingle with the many startups in attendance.

If you’re not interested, don’t click the “read the rest of this entry” button you’ll see if you’re reading this post on the front page, but some photos from the party as follows, including how Valleywag sneaks up on people for a shot. Also check out the Crunchies on Flickr here for more photos.

We knew Paul Boutin from Valleywag was coming, but it didn’t stop him sneaking up behind Michael and posing for shots before Michael knew he was there. BTW Paul, WTF with the sunglasses? :-)


“He’s still not noticing me, get some more pics of me and his back!”

Happy to see you

OK, now he definitely thinks he’s Bono

Just after landing a kiss

Some non-Valleywag pics, first up, I guy I’ve been reading for years but only had the chance to meet tonight, Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney fame. As good a bloke in person as he comes across on his blog:


And now for some random pics: