Psst… wanna win a watch?

minimal_dial.jpgOur good friends at would like to give you guys a watch. Not just any watch, mind you. It will be an E-Ink watch and it will make you look so cool that you’ll ultimately reach the other end of the spectrum and become hot. But don’t take our word for it.

Electronic ink is a high-contrast, low-power display technology. It is to ink what email is to mail: fast, dynamic, practical, yet still comfortably familiar. However unlike email — which aside from the general concept, is almost nothing like traditional mail — electronic ink is actually a form of ink. Rather than a liquid dye which soaks into paper, E Ink is composed of microcapsules which are about the diameter of a human hair. Each microcapsule contains both light colored positively charged particles and dark colored negatively charged particles suspended in fluid. Electric fields are applied to the microcapsules to cause the particles inside them to polarize: some move to the top where they can be seen, and some move to the bottom where they are hidden. The result is a high contrast monochrome display that can be viewed in most lighting conditions (including direct sunlight), from any angle, and which can retain its image without having to consume power.

So you’ve got a cool watch with a cool face and you can get it for free. But how, you ask? How? Leave a BFF story explaining why you deserve a new watch with the subject line “I WANNA WATCH.” Have your friends and neighbors comment on it and vote for it — votes are the same as comments, so chill — and we’ll algorithmically pick the most popular post. Deadline is noon on Friday, so start posting. Special thanks to Phosphor Watches and WatchReport the giveaway.

Incidentally, there’s only one entrant so far, so get cracking.