MySpace Russia Quietly Launches; MySpace Turkey Coming

MySpace launched MySpace Russia today without any immediate fanfare – it simply appeared on its international map. And according to this job listing at LinkedIn, they’re getting ready to launch in Turkey soon as well.

MySpace likes to put a team on the ground before launching a localized site, Travis Katz told me today (MySpace’s Managing Director of International). The key to a successful launch isn’t just localizing the site’s language. It’s also about figuring out what local bands and artists are hot, and integrating them into the service. He confirmed that Turkey is on their short list of new launches, although he won’t say when the site will launch.

Turkey is attractive, Katz says, because 30% of the population is under 18 years old – giving them a huge pool of potential users.

Korea, apparently, is also on that short list. But MySpace is taking their time to get it right before launching. Korean users want a somewhat different experience than U.S. and European users, Katz says. MySpace continues to learn from their Japanese property, and evolve it. They want to get Korea just right as well.

MySpace is now localized and translated in 23 international territories, and the company has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Sydney, Mexico City, Sao Palo, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Tokyo, and Beijing. Offices will be opening up soon in Mumbai, Moscow, and Istanbul.