Dell laptop (almost) electrocutes young boy, his dog, potentially grandma

scaledzap100.jpgA fascinating post in Dell Community support forums details the travails of a young man and is XPS m1530. It seems that his laptop is “crackling” and “sparking” when he touches it, suggesting a grounding issue. While we’ve all felt that weird “smoothness because we’re about to be electrocuted” feeling on laptops and even lamps, this sounds considerably more sinister.

When I connect the power supply my whole system tingles when I touch it and when someone touches me they can feel it too. When I remove the power supply and run off battery this stops.

The problem appears to be coming from the the brushed aluminium chasis.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Is this something to be worried about?

Apparently it’s the power supply but keep your eyes on this one in case someone brings to m1530s together and makes an arc welder.