YouTube's Traffic Marches North, But The Long Tail Keeps Wagging

comscorestats-1.jpgNew figures released by comScore show that Google’s (mostly YouTube) share of online video has continued to grow, rising to 31.3% of all online video’s viewed in the United States, up from 28.3% in September.

Google maintained its dominance over its nearest competitor, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) who remained a distant second on 4.4%, up from 4.2% in September.

Notably the top ten companies per videos viewed continue to make up less than 50% (48.9%), indicating that the long tail for video viewing remains long, particularly considering that tenth placed Break came in a 0.5%.

YouTube’s traffic looked better again when considering video destinations (as opposed to videos viewed) with Google sites growing to 138 million unique visitors or 41.8% of the market, up from 39.4% in September. FIM sites also showed healthy growth, hitting 25.4% up from 22.6% in September.