Triggit: Edit Any Page Where Java Script Is Accepted

triggitlogo.pngHTML code and CSS is easy enough for most, but not everyone. There’s an obvious need for simple editing solutions as more people become amateur webmasters. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve seen a host of simple web page editors cropping up around the web (Jimdo, Weebly, Typeroom).

So far most of these editors let you modify web pages on their terms by hosting sites on their servers (Typeroom is the exception and lets you edit a file and copy it to your server). However, a new startup Triggit lets you make WYSIWYG edits on any site where you can post their Javascript tag, most likely your own. The tag is used to load their editing functionality and to insert the modifications you make to the site, such as added images, videos, and links. When you want to edit your site, you simply click on your Triggit button and are given the option to insert new photos and links. When you’re done, you save the changes where you want them, and Triggit will serve the changes whenever someone visits your page.

The current editing options are currently very basic. You can use Triggit to add images (Flickr), videos (YouTube), and a bunch of affiliate links to your site (Amazon, Commision Junction,, Snooth, Wine Searcher, and Wine Zap). The service is so heavily weighted to affiliate linking because Trigit fell into the web editing business after developing a tool to help web un-savvy customers add advertising links and widgets (specifically wineries, if you couldn’t guess). What they ended up with was a more general tool than they realized could help more people who have trouble making tiny changes to their sites.

Naturally serving content through javascript causes problems for creating a search engine readable site, which causes webcrawlers to not see your content when they calculate rankings. However, most affiliate linkers don’t want search engines to see their links. Amateur editors probably don’t care.

The service is only in private beta, but has provided us with 300 invites to TechCrunch readers that enter the code “techcrunch” during signup.