Kaltura Partners to Add Crowdsourced Video to Wikipedia

kaltura-logo.pngCrowdsourcing video startup Kaltura is partnering with the Wikimedia Foundation to put its video-mashup technology on Wikipedia. The program, which is starting in beta today, will allow people to create collaborative videos on Wikipedia and other wikis. Kaltura’s video-editing technology allows multiple people to collaborate in creating a video.

The addition will eventually make it easier for Wikipedia contributors to add video clips, images, diagrams, animations, and PowerPoint presentations to Wikipedia pages. (They could use some livening up, don’t you think?).

As part of this beta, Kaltura is open-sourcing its video/rich media remixing technology. And it will be available to any wiki that runs on MediaWiki software. As part of the program, users will also gain access to a library of videos and other rich media under the Creative Commons license. Kaltura is based in New York City and launched at TechCrunch 40.