Facebook considers Ireland for Euro hub

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Following moves to set up a sales office in London, uber social network Facebook is considering Ireland as the location for its European hub. Apparently executives from the company have met providers of business and technology services in Ireland in recent weeks, according to the Irish Times newspaper, whose subscription firewall prevents us from seeing much more on this story. However, a lot of large US tech companies locate themselves in Ireland not just for the fantastic people and cities on offer but also for the favourable tax regime.

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    Doesn’t TechCrunch have a subscription to Factiva or a similar service?

    According to the full story Ireland is apparently one of two locations Facebook are considering in Europe, but it might be just hosting computer equipment rather than an actual headquarters.

  • http://handelaar.org John Handelaar

    A tenner says Option B is London.

  • Nk

    Great maybe they will be just like Google and not hire any Irish IT skilled workers.

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