Everex prepping a 9-inch sub-$500 notebook too

I caught word from the VIA rep at CES that Everex would be offering a 7-inch Linux-based notebook at Walmart and then Nicholas followed up with the official word. Now we’re hearing that Everex will follow the 7-inch version (shown above) up with a 9-inch version some time in June and will aim to keep it under $500.

The 7-inch version will cost $399 so it might be safe to say that the 9-inch version will cost $499, in which case we’ll get into discussions like, “Why would I buy this when I can get an 8-pound Dell with Windows and a bunch of other stuff for $499?” Asus also plans to release 8- and 9-inch versions of its Eee PC by the middle of the year too and it looks like Acer’s getting in on the fun as well..

Exciting stuff on the horizon, folks. As Natalie Merchant always said, “These are the days we’ll remember, my friends.” She’s so wise. Also, she looks like my Aunt Jane.

Everex to make CloudBook UMPC with 9-in. LCD [Computerworld]