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Euro News: Czech startup Webnode appears to have been on mars for the past few years as it is launching a Web site building tool, ignoring moves by some little-known players called Google, WordPress, Six Apart and others. Granted, Webnode compares itself to Weebly and Google Page Creator but claims to do more along the lines of Ning’s drag and drop functions and widget integration. Free to use, WebNode aims to monetise through paid-for extra storage space, extra bandwidth options and e-mail accounts. Good luck. At any rate, it says it has raised $1.2m from private individuals from the Czech Republic. Perhaps they know something we don’t.

  • http://bowblog.com Steve Bowbrick

    I like the look of it. Whenever I put a web site up these days I just use a blog – but that’s only because there are no easy-to-use site creation tools online. I’d really like something that would allow me to build fairly rich sites quickly. Having said all that, I see that all the blog players are evolving in the direction of ‘pages’ and more flexible layouts and I guess winning users is going to be pretty hard in this space…

  • http://www.webnode.com/en/demo Karl Band

    Mike, I think you should spend some time with this service before you write a full article. I wouldn’t compare WebNode to Ning, it has different goal and market.
    For those who would like to read a complete review by users who have gone through the complete WebNode experienced, try http://blog.larkin.net.au/2008/01/02/webnode-build-your-own-web-site-for-free/ or http://www.genbeta.com/2008/01/09-webnode-creando-sitios-web-decentes-y-completos-sin-necesidad-de-conocimientos-de-programacion.

  • http://www.ambientium.com Ambientium

    Heh, well, maybe I should move to Mars because they probably have much better technologies than we on Earth. Thanks god there was a space invasion from Mars :) because it saved my time and nerves. I spent a lot of time searching for a good and free tool for web publishing. And I must say it was really hard to make the decision beacuse there are Google Pages, WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, Synthasite ….. well …. until I discovered Webnode. I can’t say anything else than “Webnode rulez!” and the others are history (at least for me). :))) Maybe I should buy some telescope to see what is going on out there on Mars :)
    My website http://www.ambientium.com is hosted by WebNode so you may check how it looks. I must say that it took me about 30 minutes to understand Webnode and create the structure of the whole site….

  • Me

    It is very interesting to note that Mike Butcher has equated ‘Webnode’ to ‘Ning’. I only see a casual resemblance in that it allows users to put something on the web. That is it though.

    Webnode has a very powerful web building toolbar that sets it apart. Users can build any website they like with it, for free.

    Webnode has just been launched and if it is already being compared to the best free web builders and social sites that the Internet has to offer, then I can say “well done”. Mike seems to think that it is going the wrong way… or that it is the same as ‘Ning’.

    Webnode offers a much more powerful web builder than anyone could have expected. If it was to ignore competitive services, Webnode would have developed the same service, or less, but not more… not much more, as it has done.

    I don’t understand why the slur aimed at the Czech Republic? Why shouldn’t they know something you do not? European funding for technological initiatives for the latest round of EU members is a very good thing. I don’t see any reason to deliver a belittling prospect for these democratic EU member nations that are starting up something new, especially, when they are offering inventive, creative and free services that make a genuine attempt to improve the Internet.

    I think your review is a closed-minded, bigoted example of everything an evaluation should not be. Most of us go out of our way to actually use a service before we review it… and not to sound like Adolf Hitler, you know?

  • Jerry Li

    I actually read another review about Webnode – it seems that Ambientium probably works for Webnode as he/she seems to be commenting all over the place in defense of them.

  • InTheNameOfLove

    Who thinks that….

    Google page creator… like this…

    can be compared with…

    Webnode… like this…

    Amnesia? WebNode is free webs on rocket fuel.

  • http://blog.kitchentwo.com Gary Reid

    I can see this being attractive to some folk, maybe more those who don’t want to or can’t install say Joomla or Drupal.

    The sample sites aren’t too inspiring but the list of features seems quite good.

    If they want to really compete then they need to take on Squarespace who have some very elegant example sites and have attracted a large user base.

    There is also a bunch of web site creators that go unnoticed, mainly because they come built-in to web panels and OpenSRS has one or even two – Blogware and the other called Website Builder

    @Me Maybe I missed something but where’s the slur on the Czech Republic?

  • http://maxniederhofer.com Max Niederhofer

    @Mr Bowbrick: Steve! It’s been ages how are you?

    Two website creators have been financed in Germany, e.g. Jimdo (http://www.jimdo.com/) by EFF/Samwer brothers and Homepage Baukasten (Homepage Toolset; http://www.homepage-baukasten.de/) by Lukasz Gadowski (of spreadshirt fame) and Oliver Jung.

    Though I agree that this is not an early early play, both are growing like mad.

  • Mike Butcher

    I’m happy to be proved wrong. I’ll keep an eye on them.

  • Roman

    the concept sounds plain, but I just tried it out and I’m quite impressed. Really clean and easy to use. compared to Ning, they don’t have as much functionality and don’t give you access to the source code, but there are a lot more option to change the layout and general structure of the site. It’s more for building websites than social networks.

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