Listen to Pandora Internationally with Global Pandora

Update: It appears as though Global Pandora has been shut down since this post went live…deadpooled until further notice.

I haven’t been able to test it myself, since visitors from within the United States are redirected to Pandora itself. But a new site called Global Pandora (recently written up by TechCrunch France) apparently allows you to access Pandora from anywhere in the world.

As we covered last May, Pandora was forced to block international users from its streaming music service because there are no international laws equivalent to Section 114 of the DMCA that allow Pandora to pay rights holders for the usage of their content without signing deals with them first. Listeners in the UK were the latest to have the Pandora plug pulled on them, just after Duncan was compelled to write a how-to guide for accessing Pandora and other blocked sites internationally.

While international users can set up proxy servers or VPN connections to listen to Pandora, many less technical users will find a simple website like Global Pandora much more accessible. If you’re a reader from outside the US, give it a try and let us know how it works for you in the comments.