HDMI cables make great Apple TV alternatives


Granted, Apple may have dropped the price of its Apple TV while simultaneously adding much needed features (like HD support), but I have a less expensive alternative you might enjoy.

Head over to Monoprice, and buy a cable that’s compatible with your computer’s video out port. Connect that cable from your computer to your TV and you’ll be watching movies, HD or otherwise, on your big screen, all for the fraction of the cost of an Apple TV. (I have an iMac, which uses a mini-DVI port, so I needed this mini-DVI to DVI adapter before getting an cheap DVI-to-HDMI cable.)

Total cost: around $15 (I was able to buy the adapter for my iMac using a Best Buy gift card). $15 vs. $230?

Combine your setup with a little BitTorrent action and every night can be movie night, or The Office night or Lost night or…

Shocking low cable prices [Monoprice]