Start-Up Company SoonR Receives Cisco Money

SoonR, a 2-year-old company that provides mobile computer files access and management services, received $9.5 million in series B funding led by Cisco. Total SoonR investment has reached $15.5 million.

This new infusion of money is intended to help SoonR expand its mobile platform and advance its partner-driven distribution strategy. Intel Capital and Clearstone Venture Partners also participated in the investment.

SoonR’s technology integrates computer desktops and mobile devices. Users can access, back up and share files on their desktop computer from their mobile phone or Internet-enabled device, whether their computer is turned on or off. Documents created by applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point can be accessible, along with e-mail.

SoonR will allow Skype calls to be made from cell phones, including Apple’s iPhone. Data on a user’s computer is continuously backed up, allowing it to be restored should the computer be lost or stolen.

SoonR works with Denmark carrier TeliaSonera and has a joint development and marketing partnership with QuickOffice to provide next-generation mobile services. SoonR says it has partnerships with additional international carriers and is in pilot trials with others.