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UK entrepreneur Raj Anand, founded of kwiqq, has had his Facebook account disabled after he individually emailed all his friends and members of a Facebook group he runs. Anand recently launched an independent social network for Salsa dancers in Brighton and set up a Facebook group to support it. It was this group he was contacting.

As he blogs today:

I have spent god knows how many hours building my profile on Facebook. Inviting friends, building facebook applications and adding value to Facebook. Recommending this rather stupid social network to my clients and friends. The least I want to do is use the facilities to contact users on my network and tell them about things they are genuinely interested in.

He is now talking about setting up a “new social network for people who have been banned from Facebook.I know there is Robert Scoble who would potentially join me.”

I have contacted Facebook for comment and will post it here when I get it.

Update: Despite having a PR person call to to say they were going to call me about this… no-one called. But events too over anyway. Facebook re-instated his account, saying:

“Please refrain from sending the same message or repeating the same post, as further violations of our Terms will result in your account being permanently disabled. If you would like to spread the word about an organization you are starting, I recommend that you use our Groups feature to share information with other users.  You may also want to consider using our new Pages feature.”

  • http://www.ignitas.com Gard Jenssen

    Uh – why was he banned – for mailing people in his group? What’s the difference from just using the built-in messaging feature? And how would the FBadmin know that he was sending mails to people in the group? More details, please :-)

  • http://builtbydave.co.uk David Stone

    Ironic that the email Raj sent to an undisclosed list expressing his “anger with Facebook”, started with “Sorry for impersonal email”, and then at a glance looked word-for-word identical to his blog post.

    … fishing for traffic.

  • http://www.kwiqq.com Raj Anand

    Hi David. How is it going ?

    Well I could have given the link to the blog but thought I’ll spare you clicking on it. I basically copied the blog and pasted it in the email to you.

    Anyway would love your thoughts on the issue.

  • I Am Not Posting To Spam My Blog

    The social network for banned Facebookers is a good idea, though I suspect that the majority of banned users are Nazis, paedophiles etc. and not particularly great company.

    I’m confident that by 2010 someone will create a social network for anyone who isn’t in a social network. The government will leave a couple of CDs from the national identity database lying around with everyone’s details and biometric information on them, and Facelessbook will build its database based on that.

    Of course, some people, unbelievably, don’t want to be a part of any social network. So in true Facebook style, there will be an easy opt-out. This will consist of standing on one leg in a bowl of custard, wearing a sock on one hand and holding a pineapple in the other, while reciting the Moldovan national anthem backwards. Facebook will immediately respect your desire for privacy by reducing the picture on your profile to half its size, forcing people to lean closer to the monitor to see your stupid face.

  • http://www.broadstuff.com alan p

    @Raj – we need to set up a “UK Geeks who get kicked off Facebook for doing the same thing US guys do with impunity” society.

    Mike Butcher covered our hoofing off earlier in TCUK


  • http://ourfounder.typepad.com Jim Benson

    It seems that Facebook’s policy of instant suspension with vague description of violation is not serving them well.

    Many prominent bloggers use Facebook and have a strong love / hate relationship with it. It’s not hard to move that to like / hate, annoyedwith / hate and finally hate / hate.

    I applaud their rapid action on potential TOS violators, but it seems they could get rid of the iron fist approach and replace it with one more velvety.

    • Jason

      I agree with Jim Benson’s comments. FB’s immediate suspension policy is way too harsh. I placed a comment on the Wall of BBC Midlands Today’s website, to let people know about an event I was involved with in the local community. I thought I was adding value, but it was considered as advertising. FB suspended my account without any warning. I think it was way too harsh.

      Anyway, it’s a pity that FB is so big that just about everyone who’s into social networking uses it. So that means they can do what the hell they like and suspend who they like for even the pettiest of reasons.

      I think someone should set up a social network to rival them and add a bit of competition into the mix. Or at the very least, the other social networking sites need to invest a bit more in advertising and explain to the mass why they are better than FB and that FB sucks!

  • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

    Facebook blocked my account over the summer. Was annoying at the time but I understand why it happened and I’m still now a massive Facebook user and evangelist. For those that are on it, you may be able to read the note/blog (can’t remember exactly what my privacy settings are for notes) I wrote after my account got reinstated:


  • Maggy Young

    Agree overall with Jim. Except for cases of real abuse, F/Book risks appearing/becoming very autocratic in approach, not the laid back stance which a modern social network should have. F/Book should go back & respect its users, it seems to be taking them for granted now.

  • http://www.giagia.co.uk Gia

    I wonder if Facebook thought you were using a fake name… which is what they told me when they disabled my account. *sigh* After complaining, they re-instated it immediately. They seem to disable accounts because of ‘name issues’ fairly often. Kitten Fluff has an interesting take on it.

  • http://brummers72.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/surely-this-is-what-facebook-is-for/ Surely this is what Facebook is for….? « Iperium Consulting, quite social….actually.

    […] Facebook disables UK entrepreneur’s account […]

  • http://www.VoxSwap.com Sean Hargrave

    I had a similar problem as Raj. I got banned, but have now been reinstated, for putting up a handful, literally a half dozen, replies to wall posts that were apt for my new language learning site – http://www.voxswap.com
    They were polite answers to people saying they wanted help with German/Greek/French etc and i just said check out my site in addition to Facebook. I also contacted a couple, literally a couple, of site administrators praising their groups and asking if they could give me a link on their ‘useful links’ sections.
    I can understand and support people getting spammed for pointless, out of context ‘cheap consumer electronics offers’ and so on, but when you’re responding with your language learning url on a group dedicated to language-learners asking a question you think your website answers, it seems crazy to me you get kicked off.
    The big question i would ask Facebook is where do they get off claiming ownership of people who have been brought in by their own friends and who have then built groups around their interests?
    If it’s out of context and offensive then, sure, ban it, but the way they are acting it’s like they are a nightclub owner and nobody can ask anyone else to dance because it’s their property.
    ‘my gaff, my rules’ as a comedy pub landlord would probably quip.

  • Mike Butcher

    Facebook re-instated his account on appeal. Post updated accordingly.

  • Psy COmmando

    It’s the second time my Facebook account has been disabled. I was close to the limit of max friend you can add for that day, the worse thing about it is nearly all the people I’m adding are people I know. Now today there’s a party going on and I wanted to let people know as I don’t have their number and it would be easier on facebook, I got lots of people waiting for me to send them a message and now I can’t send it on the same day as the party. Now I’ve lost 2 sets of friend lists, how am I supposed to get my account back, I sent facebook an email before about my last account which had most of the school friends I’ve had back in the day and they never replied to any of them. Now I’m supposed to make another account and do the same thing? This is madness….

  • karen curran

    can someone help my get my account back
    karen curran
    they said i cant go back on fo sending to many messages, and they call i spamng
    i love useing facebook to talk to my family and friends and people i work with can anyone help me with words i should use in another email to them i have emailed them 3 times and each time they say no, can anyone help me

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    hey guys whats up! its the second time my facebook got disabled what the hell?? looks like they playing around with me ! couz i got to change 4 facebooks cuz they disabled me 4!!!!!!!!!! and thet wierd thig is that i havent done anything wrong! and this one the last one that disabled twice it was the most immportant i cant leave this one i relly need it it means a lot ! so please im beging you if anyone can tell me anything what should i do please reply say it if you cant thanks anyway! my facebook name is DARIO DANTE OTR and the email DEADLYBOY2009@LIVE.COM ! wishing you all the good dario! otr

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