El Rumor: SlingMedia working on iPhone/iPod Touch version of Sling software


A blog I’ve never heard of, Electric pig, claims that an “extremely senior source” (they’ve fans of All the Presidents Men) at SlingMedia has promised an iPhone and iPod Touch version of the SlingBox software. If true, that would mean you’d be able to watch your at-home TV channels, DVR’d content and the like on your iPhone and iPod Touch. The rumor is slightly more credible because Apple supposedly gave SlingMedia an iPhone/iPod Touch SDK a few months ago.

This is probably Sling’s best chance to break through to the masses. What better device to promote your service than the iPhone/iPod Touch? You can almost picture Steve Jobs demonstrating it during an overhyped media event, sprinkled with a few “booms” for good measure.

CES 2008: Slingplayer coming to iPhone [Electric pig via Mac Rumors]