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Well, it’s been the first week in a new year here at TCUK Towers. The office still has bits of stray tinsel doggedly hanging onto the ceiling, while the interns are padding around sheepishly after that riotous Christmas party. But luckily I can ignore the drudgery of office life as my secretary has just popped in to tell me that it’s time to get stuck in to a pile of startups. To make sure you’re on the watch list (some of you may assume you are – don’t count on it), please go and fill out our contact form (as fully possible) so I have a decent amount of info on you. (If you filled it out already and there is no new information to add there’s no need to do it again as I have it). Other than that, Happy New Year to all and all best wishes from TechCrunch!

  • a news-unworthy start-up

    Mike, what’s your advice to those who did it some time ago and was dully ignored by you? :-)

  • Mike Butcher

    That’s a fair question. There are a number of reasons why one might not get coverage. The idea/site might be utterly terrible (I get a lot of those). On any one day there is plenty of things to write about, so sometimes a less interesting company will get pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. However, I hope to increase coverage, even if it is a relatively small post on a disappointing startup (and saying so), so have hope my child…

  • Dan

    For startups that have submitted but not heard anything should they re-submit or just wait?

  • mike butcher

    dan – wait.

  • a news-unworthy start-up

    Sorry for hijacking the conversation. Just wanted to share…
    I tried to get attention of some technology and business editors with no luck. Then called a mate who is an editor himself and asked for a 15 minute crash course on getting media attention. It all boils down to 1 of 3 things, you choose yours:
    – mates club
    – money
    – coming up with a good story worth telling

    Dan, don’t wait! Come up with something exciting and you’ll make it through :-)

  • indie

    If you want to get on TC suck up to Paul Walsh or Robert Loch at one of their parties that always seems to work. If all else fails big up Saul Klein and mention he is a friend.

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